5 Less Common Benefits Workers Want to See

It's no secret that benefits are a major part of employees' total compensation. In fact, 66% of workers say that a solid benefits package is the greatest factor in determining whether they accept a job offer, according to data from Randstad. Not only that, but 61% of employees would actually be willing to take a lower salary in exchange for an outstanding benefits package.

When we think about benefits, our minds tend to land on big-ticket items such as health insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) plans. But here are a few less common perks employees are seeking these days.

1. Early Fridays

There's just something about Friday afternoon that causes workers to get antsy. In fact, 33% of employees wish their companies would close up shop early on Fridays. Granted, a large number of businesses already uphold this practice during the summer, but allowing workers to start their weekends just a bit earlier is a great way to show appreciation and boost morale.

2. Flexible scheduling and remote work opportunities

As an employer, you expect your workers to be flexible and put in extra time as needed. And clearly, they want the same courtesy in return. In fact, 26% of employees say that flexible scheduling, coupled with the ability to telecommute, would make for a much better work experience on the whole.

3. On-site lifestyle amenities

Many folks spend the bulk of their working hours at the office, and as such, they often miss out on key opportunities to take care of errands -- and themselves. That's why it pays to consider offering on-site facilities that make your workers' lives easier. Specifically, 23% of employees are interested in having access to amenities such as gyms and dry cleaning.

4. In-office meals and snacks

Food constitutes a large chunk of the typical worker's budget. It's not surprising, therefore, that 18% of workers would like to see on-site meals and snacks offered on a regular basis. And while there's a cost involved in providing food, think about it this way: The less time employees spend running out to buy coffee or pick up lunch, the more they'll manage to get done during the day. Therefore, what you lose in money you stand to gain in improved productivity.

5. On-site child care

Ask any working parents whose kids aren't yet school aged, and they'll tell you that child care costs a small fortune. Even before- and after-care programs at schools can put a major strain on parents' finances. But it's not just the money that's stressful; it's also the logistics of having to shuttle kids to and from day-care centers and babysitters, all the while being sure to make it to work on time. That's why having on-site child care can benefit parents in a very big way. In fact, 15% of workers want to see this perk offered at their workplaces. And if you're able to subsidize it, even better.

Whether your goal is to attract talent, retain employees, or both, it pays to consider the merits of offering benefits that not all companies do. It's a good way to set your business apart from the pack, all the while making a lot of folks who work for you very, very happy.

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