5 Companies Growing Faster Than Apple Inc.

Apple doesn't command the country's largest market cap by accident. It's been doing a lot of things right, and is more than worthy of its roughly $680 billion market cap. However, as I pointed out last week, there are a lot of other companies growing a lot faster than Apple at this juncture.

Growth has been slowing at Apple. According to S&P Capital IQ, we've seen 66% top-line growth in fiscal 2011 decelerate to 44.6% in fiscal 2012, only to slow all the way down to growth of 9.2% in fiscal 2013 and just 7% in fiscal 2014. Things should improve starting this holiday shopping season that kicks off fiscal 2015 for Apple. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be big sellers, and analysts are now targeting 15.4% top-line growth this new fiscal year. That's great to see, but let's go over a few more companies that are expected to grow even faster.

Twitter : 66% revenue growth in 2015One of the many companies that can thank Apple for triggering the smartphone revolution with the 2007 introduction of the iPhone is Twitter. After all, the limiting factor on the number of characters that can be pecked out in a post is based on mobile messaging texting constraints.

Twitter as an investment hasn't had a very good year. The stock soared after going public late last year, but the shares are down 40% in 2014. It's not because Twitter isn't growing. In fact, the popular social media platform has continued to effectively ramp up its monetization efforts, and analysts see revenue skyrocketing 66% next year.

Avago Technologies: 42% revenue growth in 2015It's good to be an Apple supplier sometimes, especially when the bandwagon is moving faster than the workhose. Avago hit new highs last week after the wireless chip maker posted blowout quarterly results.

"Growth was largely driven by the ramp of a new smartphone generation at a large North American smartphone OEM," it pointed out during its call, clearly referring to its chips being included in the new iPhone 6.

Now it's true that Avago's growth these days is being fueled in part by acquisitions. Snapping up LSI in May and PLX Technology in August are padding top-line gains. However, even in its most recent quarter, Avago came through with a 25% year-over-year pop from continuing operations.

Baidu : 41% revenue growth in 2015Last week's list included the world's largest search engine provider, but now let's turn our attention to the world's most populous nation where China's top dog is growing even faster. Baidu has been a market darling since going public nine years ago at a split adjusted price of $2.70.

Baidu had been accused of falling behind in mobile search, but that changed last year with the timely purchase of a leading mobile apps marketplace platform. With 527 million people in China consuming the mobile Internet as of June, mobile search overtook desktop search in terms of query volume in Baidu's latest quarter.

Adobe Systems : 19% revenue growth in 2015One of Apple's earliest adversaries was Adobe. The leading provider of desktop publishing software has locked horns with the consumer tech giant over Apple's refusal to incorporate Adobe's Flash into its iPhones and iPads. Steve Jobs made his thoughts clear four years ago as to why Apple's iOS does not support Flash.

No matter where you may stand on the debate, few will argue that Adobe is the winner. Apple has gone on to do great things, and Adobe has meandered in recent years. Revenue growth has decelerated sharply every single year since climbing 29% in fiscal 2010, culminating in an actual decline in 2013. Things have started to stabilize in fiscal 2014, and Wall Street pros see a 19% uptick in the new fiscal year.

Akamai: 17% revenue growth in 2015The top dog when it comes to content delivery networks is rolling again. It became a cutthroat market a few years ago, and Akamai had to deal with hungry rivals willing to strike crazy deals to land big contracts. It's a kinder climate now, and the popularity of could computing -- largely on the heels of the mobile revolution that Apple helped usher in with the mobile revolution -- has resulted in a spike in Akamai's server farm.

Analysts see Akamai's revenue growing at a 24% clip this year, followed by a still respectable 17% uptick come 2015.

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