4 to Watch: A&F CEO Out of Control?


1. A&F CEO out of control?

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Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries helped the company turn around its fortunes but some analysts say he now may be responsible for its downfall. Melissa Francis wants to know: how is it still possible that he still has a job, given that the stock is down 27% and sales are down as well? Belus Capital Partners CEO Brian Sozzi and The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman weigh in on Jeffries’ future at the company.

2. State-run exchanges working better than the federal exchange?

American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin says the president keeps emphasizing that people will pay less for health care, but Holtz-Eakin says the only way to lower prices is by increasing taxes. Holtz-Eakin and fomer HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt also weigh in on whether the state-run exchanges are faring better than the federal exchange.

3. Iran pushing to lift sanctions?

FNC strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says it’s absolutely nuts to expect Iran to slow down uranium enrichment. He says the country’s tactical goal is to get sanctions lifted, because the sanctions are actually inflicting pain on the Iranian economy. Peters’ fear is that the Obama administration will negotiate with Iran because the president is desperate to “win” on an international stage.

4. DC, economic uncertainties benefiting pawn shops?

‘Hardcore Pawn’ star Les Gold says the pawn business is a barometer for how the economy is doing. When federal workers were laid off, he saw an influx of customers coming in for money.

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