3 technology companies plan to invest a combined $2.5 million, create 140 new jobs in Arkansas

Associated Press

Three technology companies plan to invest a combined $2.5 million and create 140 new jobs in Arkansas.

The companies said Thursday they plan to locate new facilities in downtown Conway, about 25 miles north of Little Rock.

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The companies are Metova Inc., a mobile app development company; Big Cloud Analytics, a predictive analytics software company; and Eyenalyze, a Conway-based company that has developed innovative software for use in the food service sector.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson the companies' plans are a tribute to the leadership of Conway. Hutchinson says Metova, Big Cloud Analytics and Eyenalyze could have gone anywhere. But these fast-growing companies chose Conway and Arkansas because officials are committed to growing with them.

Hutchinson says the companies are high-paying, technology-based jobs that will make Arkansas even more regionally competitive.