Michelle Obama and Wall Street fat cats may collide at Malibu spa

For the rich and powerful, there’s no better place to gain inner peace, practice yoga, and detox – while splurging as much as $30,000 for a one week stay — than “The Ranch,” a high-end wellness spa located in the foothills of Malibu. Except when Michelle Obama decides she needs to reset her batteries at the same time. The former First Lady is said to be a big fan of The Ranch even if some of the resort’s high-end patrons would rather not have to share their wellness experience with her as they did last year, according to people who were present.

Obama showed up with about a half dozen friends, and by one count, nearly two dozen secret service agents turning a week of relaxation into an experience that felt like a bunch of days at the office, the resort clients tell FOX Business.

The intrusion of secret service agents monitoring daily hikes or possibly spying on people in yoga class is now likely to repeat itself, according to guests. Word among the high-end clientele is spreading that Obama and her entourage of friends as well as those pesky secret service agents are about to descend on The Ranch this weekend, ruining whatever cleansing the fat cats (to borrow a term from her husband) have in mind.

“I guess Michelle was nice enough,” said one client of the spa who last year witnessed the former First Lady’s visit. “But it’s kind of a hassle and not very relaxing to go on a hike surrounded by guys with plugs in their ears watching your every move.”

Some patrons also say it’s a bit hypocritical that Obama — whose former president husband often railed against millionaires and billionaires and Wall Street powerbrokers ——now finds it so appealing to hang with the money crowd. “This place is filled rich Wall Street dudes looking to lose weight,” said another person with knowledge of the pending visit.

Since leaving office, the Obama’s clearly have found themselves in the top 1 percent inking multimillion-dollar book deals and big-bucks film production deals with Netflix. They have enough free cash to make even the most well-compensated banker jealous; recently, the former First Lady rented a 13,000 square foot Hollywood Hills mansion for just two days, as reported by TMZ  It’s unclear how much she paid for the rental but the place lists for about $23 million for prospective buyers.

A press representative from The Ranch declined to comment on the matter. A press representative for Michelle Obama didn’t return emails asking whether the former First Lady will make the trip this week or if the fat cats are getting anxious for nothing.