Mentalist shocks Stuart Varney with mind-reading trick

Mentalist Oz Pearlman amazes most people who see his abilities, and on Friday, FOX Business was no exception.

Pearlman tried to read the minds of FOX Business' Stuart Varney, Susan Li and Deirdre Bolton during "Varney & Co." and seemingly succeeded.

Watch the video above if you don't believe the story we're about to tell you.

Pearlman revealed three sealed envelopes he brought with him. First, he had Varney, Li and Bolton switch the envelopes around. Next, he had Varney cut a deck of cards and hold the bottom card to his chest. Then he had Li pretend to cut a deck of cards and reveal to him what she imagined would be the bottom card.

She said "seven of diamonds?"

And guess what Varney had at the bottom of his very-real deck of cards?

None other than a seven of diamonds.

As if that wasn't mindblowing enough, he went on.

Pearlman asked Varney and Li what they thought of the market today? Both said "bullish."

Varney and Li opened their sealed, unlabeled envelopes to reveal they had their names inside them — despite mixing them up beforehand — and both said they would call the market bullish.

But wait! There's more.

Inside those labeled pieces of paper with a bull on it? A picture of the seven of diamonds.

If you're curious about what happened with Bolton, her trick came in at the end. Pearlman asked her to Google any stock and not tell him what it was. She looked up a stock on her phone and held it to her body so he couldn't see it.

He asked her to share just the single share stock price of the stock.

"$235.48," was her answer, referencing the single share of the stock she chose — Apple.

Inside her sealed envelope was a piece of paper with her name on the front of it and inside that folded piece of paper was a manilla envelope that had $235.47 in cash inside of it.


Thinking she had beat him, she was shocked when he told her to unfold the piece of paper completely to reveal the phrase "every penny counts" and a penny taped to it, meaning the monetary total was exactly $235.48.