Los Angeles considers cutting power to three notorious pandemic party houses

As of Tuesday, none of the previously cited houses have lost power

The city of Los Angeles is considering shutting off power to at least three houses that have hosted large gatherings in recent weeks, a move that would represent one of the strictest crackdowns on pandemic parties yet this year.

One of the locations in jeopardy of losing power is home to TikTok star Bryce Hall, according to the Los Angeles Times, which cited local officials. He got a surprise visit this week from the LAPD when video surfaced showing throngs of guests, a majority of whom were not wearing masks, at the property to celebrate Hall’s birthday.

“We’re keeping track of where these incidents occurred,” LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein said.

At least 13 houses were cited this past weekend for hosting parties in spite of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s coronavirus-related social distancing orders, The Times reported. City Hall responded to the explosion in parties by threatening to shut off repeat offenders’ utilities as retribution for violating public health guidelines.

That announcement came on the heels of a shooting at a Mulholland Drive mansion party thrown for an NFL player.

As of Tuesday, none of the previously cited houses have lost power.

Critics have raised concerns over the concept of using citizens’ utilities as police bargaining chips — but LAPD Chief Mark Moore sought to assure residents Tuesday that the tactic would only be used as a last resort for those with “blatant disregard” for the rules.