In winter storms, Ford's F-150 can power your home

The F-150 Lightning could provide full home power for up to three days

Wintry weather and bitter cold temps are battering states from Texas to New England taxing the power grid for many, as tracked by Fox Weather

During these severe weather pockets, Ford is aiming to become a solution when the power craps out. 

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The automaker is partnering with Sunrun, one of the nation’s largest solar companies, to turn the highly anticipated F-150 Lightning truck into a power bank for your home.

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"F-150 Lightning brings new innovations to customers, including the ability to power their homes when they need it most," said Matt Stover, Ford charging and energy services director.

In order to use the new technology, customers will have to install Sunrun’s Home Integration System. This will allow power to flow both ways through Ford’s Charge Station Pro 80-amp charger.

With an extended-range battery, the F-150 Lightning could provide full home power for up to three days, or as long as 10 days when solar power or rationing is incorporated.

Stover added, "Teaming up with Sunrun leverages their expertise to bring solar power to even more customers, giving them the chance to turn their truck into an incredible energy storage source – and future truck features can help accelerate the development of a less carbon-intensive grid."

Looking ahead, the automaker expects to introduce additional features for the electric truck to help customers save money and manage energy use.

Ford expects deliveries for the F-150 Lightning to begin this spring.