Bieber wedding blowout: What it will cost you to rent out a whole resort like Justin and Hailey Bieber

Having a good wedding venue can really set the tone for your milestone event.

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber and his model wife Hailey certainly believed so when they tied the knot with an official ceremony and reception Monday. The pair said “I do” last year on Sept. 13, but this time they went all out with a lavish star-studded celebration in South Carolina.

The party took place at the boutique hotel staple Montage Palmetto Bluff and multiple reports imply that the couple rented out the entire property to ensure their wedding was only attended by family and friends. The five-star resort boast rooms and suites that can be as low as $340 and as high as $1,080 per night, according to the company website.

A report from E! News said “an average Sunday, one of the resort's 198 rooms can cost $705.” If these numbers were true for the Biebers entire two-night stay, which included the rehearsal and wedding day, the property could have cost them about $279,180. This estimate doesn't even include other costly factors like planning, decorating, catering, attire or taxes.

If you’re wondering how much it would cost to replicate a feat such as this for absolute exclusivity, here is what it can cost you to book a five-star resort or hotel in different regions of the U.S.

The following rankings were taken from traveler ratings on Trip Advisor while approximate rates were sourced from Expedia or property website.


The Towers at Lotte New York Palace has 176 rooms available in its contemporary tower accommodation, according to Trip Advisor. Though, there is some range in pricing for these rooms, for the sake of this article, we went with the $610 per night maximum. Renting out every last room at this rate for two nights would cost $214,720.

Alternatively, regal and wedding-friendly mansion accommodation of The Towers at Lotte New York Palace has 733 rooms available that cost up to $795 per night on Expedia at the time of this article. Renting out these rooms for two nights could potentially run you $1,165,470 – not including tax.


The Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort is a sprawling property with rooms at drastically different rates. For the sake of this article, we averaged the five non-suite room rates to get $2,032 and seven suite rates to get $6,582.86 for a two-night stay. Multiplying these rates by the resort’s 443 rooms and 68 suites brought us to a total of $1,347,810.48 without taxes.


The Langham, Chicago is a 52-story riverfront hotel that has 268 rooms and 48 suites. Although the price range varies across accommodations, we averaged the rates for the 10 available room types and five available suite types for an average of $585.20 per room and $1448.60 per suite. Multiplying these by a two-night stay is equivalent to $1,170.40 per room and $2,897.20 per suite. Renting out the entire hotel for two nights would cost approximately $452,732.80.


Washington state’s cozy and luxe Inn at the Market has 76 rooms and according to rates reported on the company’s website, this bed and breakfast is around $369 per night, which is equivalent to $738 for a two-night stay. Renting out all the rooms at this small property for two nights will run you about $56,088 without tax.



The Peninsula Beverly Hills is an award-winning luxury hotel in Southern California that has 195 accommodations at varied rates. In terms of its 140 guest rooms, the rates average at around $1,738 for two nights. Its 38 spacious suites average around $3,476 for two nights while its 17 private villas average around $3,010 for two nights. Renting this whole property will run you an approximated $377,464 when not factoring in tax.



JW Marriott Houston Downtown is a contemporary 22-story hotel that’s outfitted with 270 rooms and 58 suites at different tiers. According to rates on Expedia, guest rooms average around $601.33 for two nights and suites average around $1,506 for two nights. Renting this entire property for a two-night duration can cost about $249,707.10.