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316 mph SCC Tuatara supercar owner raising $316,000 for charity

Philadelphia philanthropist uses his cars to raise money for kids

The new SSC Tuatara didn’t just set a production car record when it posted a 316 mph speed on a closed Nevada highway last week, it set a goal.

SSC Tuatara Production Car Speed Record, Pahrump NV. Oct 10, 2020 Photo: James Lipman

The $1.9 million supercar belongs to a private owner who was the first to buy one from the Washington-based automaker. Dr. Larry Caplan is a well-known philanthropist from Philadelphia with an already-epic exotic car collection that he uses to raise money for children’s health and education causes, and he’s committed to raising $316,000 to mark his Tuatara’s achievement.

Caplan let Oliver Webb take his car out for a very fast spin. (SSC)

“I just believe that having these cars gives you an opportunity to do more than just have a collection of cars and I prefer to use them that way as much as possible,” Caplan told Fox Business. “This was the plan before I was part of the agreement with me buying a car, that I would be the first owner and that we would use my car to set the world records.”


Professional racer Oliver Webb was the man behind the wheel when the Tuatara reached an astonishing speed of 331 mph on State Route 160, while a 301 mph run in the opposite direction gave him an average of 316 mph, according to the criteria of Guinness World Records, which is working to verify the record.

Caplan hasn’t driven it anywhere near that fast, yet. But he plans to bring it somewhere safe and legal where he can go for 250 mph. He also owns one of SSC’s original cars, the Ultimate Aero TT, which previously held the title of world’s fastest production car from 2007-2010 with a speed of 256.18 mph.


The healthcare entrepreneur plans to showcase the Tuatara at events organized by his CF Charities, and people will also be able to make donations online or via text during the record campaign.

After that, you can keep an eye out for the Tuatara in the City of Brotherly love, because Caplan likes to drive his cars. He has a Lamborghini with more than 100,000 miles on it and he only owns about two-dozen cars right now because he doesn’t like to have any sitting around collecting dust.

There are only so many hours in a day, after all.