Walmart serves up latest plant-based food alternative and this one is for breakfast

The plant-based food movement is spreading to one more major business: Walmart.

JUST Inc. CEO Josh Tetrick announced on FOX Business' "Bulls & Bears With David Asman" on Thursday that their product, Just Egg, will be sold in Walmart. With Walmart boasting about 5,000 locations, that's quite the accomplishment for a new product.

"I'm really proud to announce that we're going to be bringing Just Egg to Walmart because, you know, it's the biggest retailer in the world, so much more than a vegan thing."

- JUST Inc. CEO Josh Tetrick

Just Egg reportedly scrambles just like eggs. The product, made from mung bean protein, canola oil, onion puree and turmeric, imitates the taste and texture of real eggs.

Tetrick said his company has already sold enough product to equate to about 10 million eggs.

According to the company, three tablespoons of Just Egg is equivalent to one chicken egg and provides five grams of plant-based protein. Typically, one whole egg has about 6 grams of protein.

So is this plant-based trend healthier?

"It's really important that it's not just healthy, but it's healthier than what is currently existing," Tetrick said. "And then, from a sustainability perspective, it uses less land and uses less water ... It's made out of mung bean and that's been in the food system since 2300 BC. So for many thousands of years this bean has been around."

"It just so happens that people didn't realize it actually scrambled like an egg until we came around."

- JUST Inc. CEO Josh Tetrick

According to a report from The Good Food Institute, grocery store sales of plant-based foods that replace animal products have increased 31% over the past two years, reaching $4.5 billion annually. Overall sales of plant-based foods spiked 11% this year and 31% over the past two years.


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Comparatively, total US retail food dollar sales rose just 2% over the past year and 4 percent in the past two years, per the study.

FOX Business' Rachel Tesler contributed to this report