Lockheed Martin, EU partners collaborate on Falcon weapon system

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Lockheed Martin, Germany's Diehl Defence and Sweden's Saab on Monday introduced the Falcon air defense weapon system.

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It is considered a short- and medium-range air defense solution for current and emerging threats, according to a Lockheed Martin statement.


Threats such as unmanned aerial systems carrying lethal payloads, cruise missiles that can attack from any direction and fixed and rotary winged aircraft capable of delivering ordnance at extended ranges, are threats that the Falcon can combat.

Falcon was developed in response to a request by the United Arab Emirates for a replacement for the Hawk system and talks are underway to sell it to the Gulf state, according to Reuters.

"Our international customers are looking for the next generation short and medium range air defense solution. Falcon is threat driven and ready now," said Scott Arnold, Lockheed Martin vice president and deputy for Integrated Air and Missile Defense. "Falcon is a great example of working with our customers to identify potential gaps and find rapid-response solutions to take on today's evolving threats."

Weapons sales to the UAE have come under scrutiny over the past year due to the country's involvement in the Yemen war.


Also on Monday, Reuters reported the UAE awarded Raytheon a $1.55 billion contract to supply its air force with platform systems to launch missiles.

The agreement was signed at a week-long military exhibition in Abu Dhabi and followed the award of a contract to Raytheon to supply the UAE with Patriot missiles.