RX Saver brings lower prescription drug prices to consumers

A new website is giving patients the opportunity to find the lowest drug prices available around the country.

Rx Saver, the app-based search engine, uses the patient’s location to compare stores nearby, listing the cheapest to the most expensive locations.

“This is one way in which you can save and one way in which we can help middle-class families put more money back in their pockets,” RX Saver adviser Harold Ford Jr. said during an exclusive interview on "The Claman Countdown" Wednesday.

The former Tennessee Democratic congressman said the company receives the most up-to-date discount prices on Federal Drug Administration approved drugs.

President Trump has recently launched a new initiative urging drug companies to lower costs for patients, as well as pushed pharmaceutical companies to make their list prices of drugs available to the public.


“Transparency across the health care ecosystem is probably the most important thing that can happen for patients and for those of us who are concerned about the costs and efficiency of our health care system,” Ford said.