Epstein bankrolled Harvard, scientists to bioengineer his own human race

Reports emerged that Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier, who is accused of child sex trafficking, sought to breed his own human race as funded by Harvard-trained and various upper echelon scientists to realize this dream.

A lengthy report released by The New York Times on Wednesday, revealed that Epstein manipulated his wealthy and educated connections to engage his fascination with genetic engineering and transhumanism, or the science of improving the population through genetic modification and artificial intelligence.

Through this new-age Eugenics, Epstein planned to breed his own race, using his Sante Fe, New Mexico ranch as the ‘Ground Zero’ for his community. There, he would inseminate 20 chosen women with his sperm.

Epstein threw extravagant dinner parties, hosted events at Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, to which he donated $6.5 million, and sponsored conferences on his private island to attract his associates.

Among the scientists Epstein consulted were Nobel prize-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann, who discovered the quark, Nobel laureate and M.I.T.’s theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek, paleontologist and evolutionary neurologist Oliver Sacks, the well-known physicist Stephen Hawking, and molecular engineer George M. Church, who has identified genes that could be modified to create superior humans.

He had allegedly revealed his 'superior race' plans to a a wide array of people beginning in the early 2000s.

Harvard cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker found his way to Epstein through the introduction from several other Harvard colleagues. During a session at the university, Epstein allegedly criticized efforts to abolish hunger and reform health care because of the risk of overpopulation. When Pinker protested the bioethics of this, Epstein dismissed him entirely from his inner circle.

Epstein appealed to many in the scientific community because he was “willing to finance research that other viewed as bizarre,” according to the report.

Many lauded him as a visionary, but others saw him as an offbeat fraud and since his seedy exposure, many more have come forward to deny their involvement. Likely, as the disgraced financier’s tawdry record unveils itself, more details will unfold. Like the child sex-abuse scandal, Epstein’s fascination with fringe science has linked him to a vast and influential array of leaders in their respective industries.

In addition to Harvard, Epstein has been linked to numerous think tanks, universities, and prominent scientists is all areas of the field through his efforts.

An anonymous NASA scientist said Epstein revealed his ranch plans at a dinner and cited his insemination partner as the Repository for Germinal Choice, a now-defunct sperm bank which prided itself of its stock from Nobel laureates. He even had an interest in cryogenics and told friends he planned to preserve his head and penis.

His former attorney and professor emeritus of Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz recounts an uncomfortable conversation he had with Epstein where he contemplated biogenetic modification.


Dershowitz told The Times he was "appalled" by Epstein's apparent curiosity with some of the more questionable aspects of this science, "given the Nazis’ use of eugenics to justify their genocidal effort to purify the Aryan race.”

There is no evidence to suggest Epstein has been successful in engineering his elitist race.