Fed isn't changing rates for a long time: Rick Rieder

BlackRock global fixed income CIO Rick Rieder says the Federal Reserve isn't going to touch the interest rates for a very long time and believes they're going to grow the size of their balance sheet. He later discusses the possible economic recovery in the second half of the year, how the American markets are reacting to coronavirus and big tech stocks.

Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet pop on earnings

FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti reports on the latest earnings from Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet, which all did better than expected. Tech expert Lance Ulanoff, Kingsview Wealth Management CIO Scott Martin, former investment banker Carol Roth and Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky then add their analyses to these reports.

No major punches landed at big tech hearing

FOX Business’ Susan Li reports on highlights from Wednesday’s big tech hearing in front of Congress and what to expect from Thursday earnings reports from Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook.