Zach Braff, Matt Damon, Whoopi and Other Celebs You Might Not Expect on Kickstarter

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Nine years after he made “Garden State,” actor and director Zach Braff has turned to online funding platform Kickstarter to raise money for his next film. Check out the details on Braff and other superstar celebs who have gone to the crowdfunding site to make their creative projects a reality.

1. Zach Braff, Actor and director of “Garden State”

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Project: “Wish I Was Here”What it is: Braff’s directorial follow-up to “Garden State,” written by him and his brotherGoal: $2,000,000Raised: $1,591,616 at last checkBackers: 22,141 at last checkWhat your donation gets you: Pledge $10,000 and become a cast member. Braff promises, “Visit us on our set and if you want, I’ll put you in a scene we are shooting and write a line just for you.”Status: Still pending

2. Matt Damon, Actor and screenwriter

Project: “Extreme Realities (Journey to Planet Earth)”What it is: A documentary about climate change to be produced by Marilyn & Hal WeinerGoal: $75,000Raised: $45,477Backers: 192What your donation gets you: $25 gets a signed copy of the script by the filmmakers.Status: Failed

3. Mark Duplass, Screenwriter, director and actor in “The League”

Project: “Black Rock”What it is: A thriller whose cast includes Kate Bosworth and Lake BellGoal: $20,000Raised: $33,501Backers: 121 What your donation gets you: $5,000 or more gets you an associate producer credit.Status: Success

4. Bret Easton Ellis, author and screenwriter

Project: “The Canyons”What it is: A “contemporary thriller” with Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, written by EllisGoal: $100,000Raised: $159,015Backers: 1,050 What your donation gets you: $100 gets you two tickets for a private cast screening.Status: Success

5. Rob Thomas, creator of TV show “Veronica Mars”

Project: “Veronica Mars Movie Project”What it is: The movie sequel to cult TV favorite “Veronica Mars”Goal: $2,000,000Raised: $5,702,153Backers: 91,585 What your donation gets you: For $5,000, the team will rent a theater in your hometown and have a screening for 50 guests before the theatrical release.Status: Success

6. Colin Hanks, Actor and son of Tom Hanks

Project: “All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records”What it is: A documentary about Tower RecordsGoal: $50,000Raised: $92,025Backers: 1,686 What your donation gets you: $2,000 gets you two tickets to a private screening in Los Angeles.Status: Success

7. Whoopi Goldberg, Comedian

Project: “I Got Somethin’ to Tell You”What it is: Goldberg’s directorial debut, a documentary about comedian Moms MableyGoal: $65,000Raised: $73,765Backers: 898 What your donation gets you: $5 gets you a signed Whoopi Goldberg photo.Status: Success

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