You Know You Made a Wrong Career Turn When…

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Tweets of the week: Encouragement for over-delivering, and tips for the slacker patrol: here are some of the LOL-inducing, insightful and character-limited words of wisdom that helped me run my business this week.

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Can't afford health insurance because you have to give all your money to credit card companies #Late20sPeopleProblems #TheSystemWorks


Old people yelling at kid with a sketchbook in a Paris café. "Why can't you just be *present*? Why do you have to *record* everything?"


Is there Klout score inflation? I notice the [Klout] score of a lot of my friends has climbed a lot.


How many developers who wanted/needed to go to WWDC were shut out because they missed the 90-second registration window?


people of my generation. I know. it was a good time. but you have to get over the 80s. that includes you JD there's no speed metal exemption


Instructions: 1. Tell people you are going to exercise 2. Eat some chips and go back to bed 3. Win life


I feel oddly pleased that my 16-y-o daughter just followed me on Google+. #kidsthesedays


Never let your job description define your potential. If you can do more [then] by all means do it!


Successful entrepreneurs are constantly updating themselves regarding their product and industry. #business

@GerryDuggan24 Apr

Vaccines. RT @JennyMcCarthy When you travel, what are some of your must-have items?


Facebook is the new Frito-Lay.


I'm so old, I can remember when advertising dudes wore pony tails.


I've noted this before, but crystal clear today: data published for content marketing purposes is not data that helps your company. Period.


I'm just realizing that there are people in the world under 35 who use the word "lol" non-ironically. Like, to mean they find X funny


If you say "workout regime" when you mean "regimen" you better mean you are live in a brutal totalitarian state ruled by Tony Horton.


Sriracha sauce has never been advertised. The company prefers to let the sauce's legend spread by word of mouth. #Fresh


You know something has gone wrong when your career transitions into one where you're apologizing for your career choices.


I proofread my copy in the voice of Michael Caine.


My son, "You can't do math as well as me." Me, "I got an A in calculus." My son,"That was 25 years ago." Me, "You can't draw."


The voice of reason needs better amps.


Nightmare: my phone's Internet got REALLY FAST. Then realized it was b/c I was in Canada & forgot to turn off roaming. Now I owe $7000.


“You know how supermarkets have a huge selection of all your favorite brands? That’s terrible, right?” --Trader Joe’s


You know what they always say: It's easier to not read a long email than a short one


Luv how some moms r like, "You can't have cake for breakfast! Eat something substantial like a blueberry muffin." i.e. muffin-shaped cake


I just realized my #1 time management hack: Find a few people that you trust, and then just adopt all of their opinions.

@Mark_MSCO  Once you let one slacker slack off on the job, and let it slide, you are on your way to running the post office.

@ValaAfshar  appetite > experience‏@JoeBerkowitz  Almost said to a person, "So tell me about this cleanse you're on" but then I FedEx'd myself to a live volcano instead and everything's fine


@LeadToday  If at first you DO succeed try not to look so darn surprised.

@kathrynschulz  The copy editor always wins.

@smoothsale #Sales ~ customize a program for your clientele to grow business easily; help is appreciated and good word of mouth spreads.

@TedRubin  Instead of making social an extra or addition to ur mktg initiatives... lead w/Social. Make Social the Anchor! #sofabcon

@MarshaCollier   Every business needs to have a phone number where customers can reach them - especially small ones to prove their #custserv philosophy

@Hyken  The little things you do to make the customer's experience better have big impact. Manage the details. #business

@anildash  Twitter needs a "warn" feature like AIM used to have, so we can all slow somebody down when they shouldn't be tweeting.

‏@hilaryheskett  One cool thing about my job is seeing responses roll in from surveys I created and then telling a story with the insights. #Marketing

@alejandromaceo  You need a team that’s going to care about this thing as much as you do. #Business #Startups

@craignewmark  Folks, remember the value of fact-checking in today's media environment, particularly when dealing with hamster-wheel news orgs.

@LouHoffman  New one for our crisis #PR cheat sheet- Falling on your sword in a polished video posted to YouTube doesn't solve the problem.

@rupertmurdoch   Abundance, Asia, Automation squashing US middle class. Answer? Innovation, education, immigration, deregulation. All possible.

@TheStalwart  I have a good track record on not being wrong, because I don't write about the future. My expertise is hindsight.

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC, a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.

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