‘World’s most beautiful’ diamond ever discovered expected to sell for over $30M

Christie’s and Swiss luxury jeweler de Grisogono have teamed up for an auction of one the most beautiful diamonds ever offered to the market, where a necklace hailed as “the world’s most beautiful diamond,” will be sold.

De Grisogono USA President Lisa Klein told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria,” the piece, created from a 404.2 carat raw diamond found in Angola is “the 27th largest rough diamond that’s ever been discovered.”

According to Klein, it took the jewelry house nearly a year to design the diamond from the rough stone.

“After about 10 months of analyzing the stone and cutting the stone and polishing the stone we ended up with this extraordinary diamond, 163.41 carat D flawless emerald cut,” Klein said. “Everybody’s familiar with the four “Cs:” cut, clarity, carat weight, color. “D” represents color, which means it is colorless.  It is as pure and as white as a diamond could be.  And then you have flawless, which means there are absolutely no imperfections on this stone.  It is, quite literally, as good as it gets.”

Klein said the diamond is “the largest D flawless ever to be brought to auction in the history of auctions,” and could sell for more than $30 million, calling it a  “conservative” figure.