World's largest cannabis career fair draws thousands

What industry recruiters call “the world’s largest cannabis career fair” hit Denver this past weekend, with “thousands” in attendance looking for jobs, according to the event organizers.

The cannabis industry, which currently employs 122,000 people, is expected to balloon to 250,000 workers by 2020, according to an industry recruiter.

"Every single one of these jobs here today is up for the taking and so what we want to do is encourage people who maybe aren't tuned in the traditional cannabis networks to hear about it,” Marijuana Industry Group Executive Director Kristi Kelly told FOX Business.

In May, Colorado cannabis sales topped $100 million dollars for the twelfth consecutive month, generating about $200 million in tax revenue for the state, according to marijuana news site The Cannabist.

The career fair allowed people of all backgrounds and even those with no prior experience to learn about and apply for available positions.

"Whatever you’re currently doing in another industry those skills experience knowledge are needed in this space so if you are an accountant every company here has a bookkeeper, has a controller, many have a CFO,” according to an industry recruiter.

The popularity of the career fair represents the growth prospects for this newly legalized industry, which is expected to employ more people than the manufacturing sector in the near future.