USWNT players 'deserve to be paid well:' Darryl Strawberry

The U.S. women’s soccer team’s second consecutive win at the World Cup has fueled the equal pay debate further. Former MLB star Darryl Strawberry believes women “deserve to be paid well.”

“Women are great athletes and they need to be paid for what they do,” Strawberry told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney during an interview Tuesday on “Varney & Co.” "No matter if you’re a man or a woman, you should be paid for what you go out there and do because you give your body away and you put so much effort and time into working and training and becoming the best,” he added.

Despite bringing in more revenue than their male counterparts, players on the women's team will earn significantly less money for winning the 2019 World Cup. As previously reported by FOX Business, athletes on the women's national team are likely to earn about $250,000 each, just a fraction of what players on the men's team make if they were to win the same tournament. While the women's team has won four World Cup titles, the men's team remains winless (their highest finish was third place in 1930).


Still, many believe the difference in pay is due to gender discrimination and inequality.

“It’s not about earning the same pay as a man,” Strawberry said, noting that it's more about women needing to be paid fairly.