Wisconsin employees able to make purchases with implanted microchip

Wisconsin software design company, Three Square Market, is the first U.S. technology company to offer its employees microchip implants.

The rice size chip is implanted underneath the skin between the thumb and forefinger, making daily office activities easier and faster.

Three Square Market CEO Todd Westby, who was just implanted himself, told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo that the chips are being used to open doors that require identification, to make purchases in the break room and to log into computers. However, the chip is not able to track where employees are at all times, he said.

“It’s no different than carrying around a proximity card that you carry around or your credit card that you swipe. We don’t gather that information. It’s submitted directly to the credit card companies,” he said.

Employees are voluntarily implanted and are able to make purchases by waving their hand in front of a chip or credit card reader. Westby said a serial number is shared with credit card companies, but personal information stays private.

“The credit card company looks at this chip as a credit card. All we do is share with them a serial number which is the same as a credit card number but much safer,” he said.

Westby added while most were on board, some employees chose not to participate in the program.