Winklevoss Twins on the Launch of Their Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss discussed the launch of their new Gemini bitcoin exchange.

“Gemini is basically a Nasdaq for bitcoin buying and selling,” Tyler Winklevoss said. “Just like you sign onto E*TRADE and buy a share of Apple, you can into Gemini… and you can buy and sell bitcoin.” Cameron Winklevoss added, “Basically bitcoin is borderless. It’s very much a global currency. There’s no sort of constraints in that manner.”

The Winklevoss twins said licensing and security are two of the most important aspects of their new exchange.

“I think it [bitcoin] had growing pains, certainly, originally, but I think all new technologies have that,” Tyler said. “This is not unique to bitcoin, but with Gemini we’re here to end the phase of the wild, wild, west. We have had a dialogue with regulators for over a year and a half and we’re fully licensed… we worked really hard to make this as compliant as any other banking or financial institution.”

“Security’s been top of mind since day one,” Cameron said. “Our first couple hires were actually security hires… that’s not an afterthought, it’s a forethought and it’s something we take very seriously and have built the company on top of.”

When asked if their new bitcoin exchange would put currency exchanges out of business, Cameron said:

“Hopefully… or at least make it a fair playing field.”

Going forward, the twins are looking to expand the exchange to other countries around the world.

“We are rapidly expanding to try and do all the U.S. and the U.S. territories,” Tyler said. “We’re also looking at opening up in Europe and Asia as soon as possible. It just takes a little bit of research and some time to get to the regulation as well, as we’re looking at Canada.”