Wimbledon prize money breakdown: Here’s how much the winners will get

Tennis players at Wimbledon this year are competing for a combined 38 million British pounds -- or more than $48 million -- the largest prize pool in the history of The Championships.

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The gentlemen’s and ladies’ singles winners will each receive 2.4 million pounds, which is close to $3 million. The runners-up will each receive 1.2 million pounds, or about $1.5 million.

The gentlemen’s and ladies' doubles winners will each receive 540,000 pounds ($682,000) per pair -- a 20 percent increase from the 2018 payouts. The mixed doubles winners will get 116,000 pounds ($147,000) per pair.

Men and women winners have received equal prizes at Wimbledon since 2007. At a forum in Paris last week, five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams praised women who have pushed for equal pay in sports, the Associated Press reported.

“I think the fuel is when people say that you shouldn’t or that it’s not possible or you don’t deserve it,” Williams said. “Don’t tell me what I deserve. I know what I deserve and I will work for what I deserve and I will get what I work for.”

While the winners will take the bulk of the prize money, losing players will still be paid and see some of the largest percentage increases. The prize money for those knocked out in the first round is nearly four times what it was in 2011, according to Perfect Tennis.

The gentlemen’s and ladies’ qualifying rounds also pay. They each have a combined prize pool of 1.2 million pounds ($1.5 million).


The tournament started Monday and continues through July 14.