Will Human-Like Robots Take Over the World?

In an interview with FOX Business Network's Stuart Varney, Helen Greiner, the co-founder of the company that makes Roomba robotic vacuums, weighed in on the futuristic robot created by Google that can walk and dance around like a human.

“I think it’s wonderfully sophisticated technology but I believe just like the computer industry, it’s going to grow,” she said.

According to Greiner, over 10 million people have adopted Roombas and her company has seen over $1 billion in drone sales this year.

“Robots are being adopted and I think those robots will get more and more sophisticated, but you create a virtuous cycle of revenues and profits and you put those more into the development along what consumers need,” she said.

Greiner says the company has no plans to create a human-like robot just yet.

“I don’t think the cost meets the value created for the consumer yet. Consumers are willing to take a few hundred dollars out of their pocket, get some robots in their homes -- and as they do more… you know they haven’t really discussed applications for this robot yet and people, especially women, they [are] like 'well, what’s it going to do for me?'" she said.