Why Senate Democrats Haven't Passed a Budget in Four Years

Yesterday, we talked about golfer Phil Mickelson and his comments. He said he needed to make "drastic changes" in his life because of higher taxes. Currently, he's facing a new 13% income tax on millionaires in California and an increase in his federal tax rate to 39.6%.

You would have thought somebody shot Bambi. Forbes, Business Insider and others are taking up the issue with golf's most popular player because he dared to complain publicly about tax rates. Move over Gerard Depardieu, here comes Phil.

I say leave Phil alone.

Look, even highly popular athletes have freedom of speech and you don't have to look far to find sports figures that have said things more ridiculous.

Like New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie. He couldn't even name all of his ten kids!

Or baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who said therapy can be therapeutic!

The last time I checked, all Americans have Freedom of Speech, not just Occupy Wall Street Protesters.

What's more, there may be a lot more complaining in the future. Democrats say any budget they submit will have higher taxes associated with it. That’s right, they aren't done yet.

Here's what New York Senator Chuck Schumer said over the weekend: "We need a budget, but second it's going to be a great opportunity for us because in our budget that we will pass, we will have tax reform, which many of my republican colleagues like. But it's going to include revenues. It's a great opportunity to get us more revenues."

Republicans aren't taking it lying down. They've been fond of reminding Americans it's been four years since the Senate has written a budget. Today, they upped the ante with these calculations.

Since Democrats last wrote a budget in 2009, three Pentagons could have been built, not that we have the money to do it, just the time.

A mountain climbing team could have made it to the top of Everest and back 292 times.

And finally, we could have built all 179 miles of the Keystone Pipeline in the time the Senate has been sitting on its budget-writing hands.

You get the picture. We've been waiting. They've been dawdling.

Bottom line though is this: Phil could end up being the canary in the coal mine. One guest yesterday suggested he and other highly paid athletes might move to the Bahamas to avoid paying us taxes.

If the Democrats have their way and they raise taxes again, talk about a divide between the wealthy and the poor, there will be no wealthy.

You think I’m kidding?

Then tell me, where is former French President Nicolas Sarkozy?

You know, the country where the Socialist President plans to introduce a 75% tax rate on millionaires.

According to investigators, Sarkozy has apparently left the country, and taxes may have something to do with it.