Why is IRS Withholding my Tax Refund?

Dear Tax Talk,

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I read Kay Bell's blog post about the tax refunds being delayed and also your column where someone had to make several phone calls and was to mail the forms to Fresno, Calif.

I, too, have the same issues. I did my taxes and e-filed Feb. 2 and was also accepted, and the same thing happened to me. The "where's my tax refund" status changed, and when this happened, I contacted the Internal Revenue Service by phone. They claimed to have not received my tax return. So I contacted them again and was told I needed to send my forms to Fresno, Calif. So I did that and waited a couple of weeks. I even went to the IRS office located here and was told that my return was submitted and denied several times, and I explained then what I was told over the phone. They told me to wait four weeks then call the IRS again. So I did. So they claimed they never received my forms, and so I went back to the local IRS office and was told that my return was processing and to wait until July 1, and if I have not heard anything by then, to go back to the local agency.

So I called the IRS again because by now I am getting really upset and want to know what is going on. They told me I needed to wait until July 15. I feel I am being lied to by both the IRS on the phone and the IRS agency located in my city. Is there any way I can contact someone to get answers? This runaround has gone on for too long. Is there something I need to do, or am I going to continue to play this waiting and lying game? I am behind on payments because of this. If you can please help me find something out, I would greatly appreciate this. Thank you for your time in reading this.


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