Why Do Customers Buy? And March Madness Advice

There’s a crisis in Cyprus and madness in America.  Here are my latest favorite Tweets of the Week.

@SUKnivesOh, did you see that dude asking Kate Upton out to prom on a YouTube video...and she said yes? We've all been doing YT wrong, guys...

@davewinerThere are a lot of ideas for RSS-based projects that lay there while Google Reader dominated. I wonder if any of them will happen now.

@DouglasCarswellIf new #cyprus deal goes thru, why wld anyone in Portugal, Greece or Spain deposit more than Euro100k in a domestic bank?


Looks like Punxsutawney Phil had better 'Lawyer up!'...rumors flying about indictment.


I wish there was a HIDE button in real life for when you keep seeing someone you don't like.@yoyoha

I just noticed how pretty the sky looks today (I saw its reflection in my iPhone screen.)@SunbeltTexas

Note to #smallbiz owners, don't fight March Madness, embrace it, start a bracket, give a prize, involve customers, involve suppliers.@Smethanie

Funny how we joined clubs in high school to look like we had interesting hobbies to get good jobs to support our real hobbies: TV and pizza.@JonahLupton  When you're sending a professional email to someone... don't use smiley face icons, LOL's, OMG's, weird abbreviations and slang terms.@ValaAfshar "just setting up my twttr” was the very first tweet sent by #Twitter founder @jack, 7 years ago today.@SMOPPL “Engage rather than sell … Work as a co-creator, not a marketer.”

 ‏@Hyken Smart business people know that a business relationship is also a personal relationship. Get to know each other!

@KnowledgeBishopDoes your customer's view of your company match yours? If not, how will you shift this?

@mjayliebs Getting a little tired of Linkedin connection requests using boilerplate and no context - First impressions matter people!

@ReCenterMomentIntense situations and persistent challenges are the best opportunities for engagement transformation.

@LeadershipfreakOpportunity is a door that feels like a wall, an open window that feels shut, or a ceiling that feels too low.

@smoothsalePublic speaking requires thought of audience - their needs, wants and deep down desires - the same as making a sale

@ourfounder  Training, coaching, and awareness are key skills of management. Teams are made up of people who benefit from learning.

 ‏@AbhishekMarwah  “To succeed in #Sales, simply talk to lots of people every day. And here’s what’s exciting – there are lots of people!”

@J_OW3NSIn February, spending on unemployment benefits was 25 percent less than the year before.

@tom_peters #1 factor USA resilience: We're a nation of immigrants. 100% of immigrants are by definition entrepreneurs--left the known for the unknown.

 @gitomerOnce you understand the difference between satisfied and loyal, the word "satisfied" will irritate you.

@TheRealBradLeaI do NOT believe that one must step outside their comfort zone to be successful. If that were true, being broke would make you rich.

@scottmckainIf you cannot sustain distinctive customer engagement…why would you ever hope to sustain profitability?@danlevy

Just put the Harlem Globetrotters in my bracket.


she unsubscribed from 15 email lists and power instantly began to surge through her veins


#smbgroup research: security is the #1 obstacle to implementing mobile solutions--but voice and data costs are a close #2!


"Yahoo" needs a new definition. I propose: "a service that acquires and shuts downs startups." Or as a verb: "My startup got Yahooed."@carlreiner

Tomorrow I tweet my 1st tweet as a 91 yr old. It will be a wise, thoughtful, Inspiring, philosophical one, that I'll steal from Mark Twain.@MaxGoldberg

I honestly think my favorite part of owning my own business today is having a landline.‏@ChrisGethard

You know stress is real when it hits the point of emerging as maniacal giggling.


My definition of "Web 3.0" would be what other people call "Digital Sharecropping"... Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc etc.

‏@fmanjoo Someone on Twitter was just talking about his "team" and I reflexively assumed start-up employees, not sports

@DaveKerpen You know what's cooler than reaching 1 billion people on Facebook? Reaching the perfect 1000. Or 100. or 10.‏@KnowledgeBishop Solitude may be safer but connection's so much sweeter. #leadfromwithin

‏@joebrusuelas Cypriot man in the street probably looking at bank tax w/in context of Greek, Irish & Portuguese bailout & saying "Dude, where's my bailout"

‏@LisaBarone41m Dear Winter, no one likes you. Go away.  Love, Everyone.

@Nichole_Kelly1h So true! Today customers don't just buy because of technology, they buy because of experience

@SarahRobinson1h To find the best candidates for your brand community, seek those who crave Belonging, Recognition & Safety.

@charlesarthur2h LinkedIn is down. Now I can’t endorse it for uptime.

‏@unmarketing2h LinkedIn is down. Suddenly my life is devoid of MLM pitches and group spam. I feel empty.

‏@jowyang3h If smokers can take a smoke break, should non-smokers get 'fresh air' breaks of the same duration?@chrisadamsmkts10m At what point is queues of people trying to get cash out of ATMs defined as a bank run? #Cyprus‏@kaushikcbasu38s When dealing with people--negotiation, management, whatever--remember it is more important to be fair to others more than to yourself.@dannysullivan38m Amazing how Google, which was on tech PR high, now faces continual attacks from tech press upset with loss of Reader. Guess it did matter

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