Which Entertainer Raked in $135M for 2015?

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Do you know which singer raked in $135 million for 2015? Discover five fun financial facts about the top entertainers in showbiz.

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Five Fun Financial Facts: Top Entertainers

1. Katy Perry was the highest-paid singer of 2015, raking in an incredible $135 million.

2. What's the deal with money? Jerry Seinfeld laughed his way to $36 million in 2015, making him the highest-paid comedian in the world.

3. Hey now! Personality Howard Stern made $95 million in 2015. Now that's Sirius.

4. $1.75 million: Jennifer Lopez's fee for performing a private 40-minute concert in Macau in 2014 for a group of casino magnates.

5. $0. That's how much Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars made for playing theSuper Bowl in 2016. The NFL only pays expenses; it does not pay the artists to perform.

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