What's On Our Radar: March 10, 2017


Jobs, health care and the CIA; here's what's On Our Radar today:

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Work It!

It’s all about jobs! February’s report just crossed the wires, with the U.S. economy adding 235,000 net new jobs, and the unemployment dropping to 4.7%. This is Trump’s first report one month into office, and the last piece of economic data before the Fed’s next policy-setting meeting and possible interest rate hike.

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Dollars and Sense

What’s the cost of the GOP’s American Health Care Act? The Congressional Budget Office is set to release their report on Monday over coverage and price of the plan. Ahead of their major report, how much would the AHCA cost you? We’re breaking down the penalties, tax credits and fines associated with the bill. 

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What's Clicking:


WikiLeaks is said to provide tech companies with access to the CIA hacking tools they have to let them patch software flaws. News broke early this week that the CIA is able to use your smart phone, internet-connected TV and computers to spy on citizens. Major companies including Samsung and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) were not too happy.  This move is unprecedented and overall ethics is much debated.

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