What's On Our Radar, January 23, 2017


President Trump, the cabinet and some Strange things...

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Day 1

America’s new boss starts work today.  Trump’s schedule is jam packed, meeting with business leaders, Union leaders and a few others.   All eyes are on the markets as Wall Street could welcome Trump, a businessman at heart, with open arms.

Stay tuned throughout the day for complete coverage of the President’s schedule.

Yay or Nay

Rex Tillerson, the ex-Exxon Mobil oil head, vote for Secretary of State is today.  Despite major concerns, across both parties, about Tillerrson’s Putin connection and business dealings overseas, his nomination is expected to get the green light.  The one vote to watch? Sen. Marco Rubio who clashed with Tillerson at his hearing still hasn’t voiced his support.  Also up for a Senate vote is Rep. Mike Pompeo’s nomination as CIA director.

We’ll have live reports throughout the day with breaking developments.

Where There's a Will...

It’s the show everyone has been buzzing about! Strange Inheritance with Jamie Colby is back for season three. Take a unique look at the weird and most valuable things people are willed. The new season continues tonight at 9pm ET with “Pretty Penny,” the story a boy who’s grandfather left him a bag of coins.  It really CHANGED his life. Tune in!

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