What Kind of Stationery Should You Use?

In this era of digital communication, we rarely receive letters, messages or invitations on traditional paper. Although the internet is a great service, sending a paper message lets the recipient know that you care for them enough to go the extra step. You bypassed the convenience of the internet to give them something tangible, real and lasting. But you shouldn't just send any old piece of paper. There are many wonderful stationery suppliers that let you communicate with elegance and style.

Business professionals and legal expertsThere are few places where care and panache matter quite like your job. Business professionals should invest in white, ivory or natural colored paper that is acid-free and watermarked. Cotton business paper offers a rich texture with noticeable freshness. Antique laid business paper, another great option, imitates hand-crafted papers with a ribbed texture. In pre-mechanical paper production, the manufacturing process produced horizontal and vertical chain lines. Some paper suppliers have emulated this classic look to add an intriguing, yet professional, retro-aesthetic.

Job-seekersThe quality of a job-seeker’s resume paper could be the difference between the top of the applicant pile and the trash bin. In this difficult economy, you should look for any way to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. Sending quality resume paper demonstrates to the hiring manager that you value your presentation something she will expect you to maintain on the job. The National Resume Writers Association endorses Southworth's resume paper, which is 100 percent cotton and has a formal interlaced texture. Just remember, when choosing a color, err on the conservative side. You don't want to burden your employer with bizarre or strangely colored stationery.

Friends, family and casual acquaintancesWhen writing to loved ones, you don't want to use overly formal stationery. It might come across as stuffy and dry. Invest in social stationery. For fun messages, you can use quality flat panel or folded note cards, with entertaining designs that match the levity of the note itself. You can purchase stationery with a simple message written on the front that could come in handy for special occasions. Personalize your stationery to match your personality. You can add pictures or change the appearance to resemble parchment, granite or another interesting texture. But if you are writing a serious letter, consider Monarch size letter paper, for social but in depth correspondence. You can find serious writing paper with embossed borders, adding flair and sophistication. Think of how letter-writing was centuries ago, when it was an art unto itself, and you have the right idea.