What a $50,000 Ticket to P. Diddy's Grammy Party Buys You


Have $50,000 to burn? You could be hanging with P.Diddy on music's biggest night of the year.

The hip-hop mogul is throwing a post-Grammy's bash on Feb. 12 at the Playboy Mansion, with tickets retailing for $50,000. The party will benefit AngelWish.org and will also honor Hugh Hefner as the charity's "Humanitarian of the Year," according to www.WantTickets.com.

Those willing to fork over the dough can party in the 'Monster Cabana' which comes with "security, privacy and exclusivity at this event," the site said. The ticket also comes with 20 VIP admissions and the cabana can hold up to 30 people. And, to top it off, those who buy the package also receive dinner, open bar, free bottle service all night long and "fifteen dedicated female promotional models."

Dorothy Casceceri, senior editor at In Touch Weekly, said Diddy is trying to make it more accessible for the masses by offering lower-priced tickets, which retail for $1,500 and cover general admission. Other tickets are available for $2,500, $7,500, $15,000, and $25,000, according to the site.

"At least some people will have a chance at going, but I don't know how many people can really write checks for $15,000," Casceceri said. "The $50,000 ticket, truth be told, is a drop in the bucket for people in Hollywood. Celebrities, professional athletes—they wouldn't think twice about spending $50,000 to invite 20 of their closest friends, feed them all night, have bottle service all night and have a private area to hang out in all night."

For a charity event, the ticket price isn't all that high, she said, and does offer a lot to those who can afford it. As for the "cool" factor of spending that kind of cash to be in P.Diddy's company, Caseceri said that as long as it's for a good cause, there's nothing uncool about it.

"A good percent of the people paying $50,000 will be his friends. They could probably hang out with him for free but are willing to spending that money because it will benefit charity and this sounds like a good party," she said. "It's like if I told my friends I was doing a charity fundraiser at a bar and the cover was $20."