West Virginia mom tearfully thanks Trump for tax cuts

West Virginia resident Jessica Hodge burst into tears on Thursday while telling President Trump how much tax cuts mean to her family.

“There was just so many different emotions,” Jessica Hodge, who joined FOX Business with her husband Tony, told Liz MacDonald on “Risk & Reward,” on Friday. “We are a working normal family and we work really hard and so to have this extra money that we can just keep into our paychecks, it’s just been a blessing to our family.”

Since the tax cuts were announced earlier this year, dozens of companies have rewarded employees with more than $4 million in bonuses and investments.

So far, the Hodge family has saved $2,417, Tony said.

While many Republicans praised the passing of the sweeping tax bill, members of the Democratic Party have trashed it. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi bashed the tax cut savings, saying businesses across the U.S. are handing out “crumbs” to employees. But to the Hodge family, it’s much more.

“We’re just a normal working class family,” Tony said. “That’s real money for us.”

Tony said they have used some of the money on home improvements and charity.