Wendy's attacks McDonald's in new Super Bowl ad


The burger wars are alive and well.

Wendy’s (NASDAQ:WEN) released its new ad campaign set to debut this Sunday during Super Bowl LII that takes a direct shot at McDonald’s beef practices, reminding customers the company flash freezes its meat.

In the 30-second ad, Wendy’s said it did some “light stalking on the web” and found that McDonald’s website openly admits that its beef is “flash frozen to seal in fresh flavor.”

Wendy’s then pauses the commercial for “laughs” and added that “we think if your thing is fresh flavor, you should start with fresh beef like we do on every hamburger every day.” The ad ends by urging customers to skip the “frozen arches.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s did not immediately respond to FOX Business’ request for comment on Wendy’s targeted ad, but the company is far from struggling. On Tuesday, it reported better-than-expected sales for the fourth quarter and announced plans to open an additional 1,000 stores worldwide this year as a result of tax reform.

“2017 was a very strong year of performance for McDonald's. Our results demonstrate we successfully completed the transition from turnaround to growth. Our momentum is broad based across the McDonald's system,” McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said during an analyst call.


That trend could continue into 2018 as well with the fast food giant’s revival of its popular Dollar Menu that debuted earlier this month.

In addition to the ad, Wendy’s has also attacked McDonald’s on social media. Last week on #NationalComplimentDay, the company tweeted that McDonald’s is “absolutely amazing at freezing beef.”

Kurt Kane, Wendy’s chief concept and marketing officer, said the new ads are part of the company’s mission to show customers that it truly offers a better food experience than its competitors.