We Asked, You Answered: Will You Buy Amazon's 'Kindle Fire'?


On Wednesday, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) unveiled its long-awaited tablet PC, the "Kindle Fire." At a price point of just $199, the Kindle Fire is cheap enough to give Apple's iPad a serious run for the money. So @FoxBusiness asked its Twitter followers: Will you buy Amazon's "Kindle Fire?"

Some of followers said they'd buy it instead of the iPad, others in addition to the coveted Apple tablet; some said they'd wait and see more consumer reviews, others that the iPad is just plain invincible. Only time will tell the true consumer response to the Amazon Kindle Fire and the extent of its attack on the iPad market. In the meantime, here's a compilation of some of your responses:

@MossGlen #WillFireBurniPad No, kindle reader great for reading, iPad better for other stuff, waiting for new iPhone & iPad3 for next big buy.

@TedCamJr #WillFireBurniPad I will wait to buy it when it has a camera built in and is more "iPad like" rich in features.

@rewdy Already pre-ordered one. I don't think it will BURN the iPad, but definitely provide some competition. #WillFireBurniPad

@debostic Will wait till it has been out to see how the reviews are. iPad seems better for work. #WillFireBurniPad

@MeganSmiles I'm buying it. #willfireburnipad but I also have an iPad2

@TheRealTJK #WillFireBurniPad NO! Security nightmare!

@InsaneBoredGame #WillFireBurniPad I'd buy it, as an Android and Kindle fan. But, it won't kill the iPad, it's too popular, no matter how good the Fire is.

@MartyMele No I'm going iPad when 3 comes out whatever the cost. #WillFireBurniPad

@jbriano No... waiting for the next 10 inch Samsung. #willfireburnipad

@theprmom oh most definitely! #willfireburnipad

So, will you buy Amazon's Kindle Fire? Join the conversation on Twitter, by following @FoxBusiness and using the hashtag #WillFireBuriniPad

These responses represent the reaction of followers and are in no way an endorsement of either the iPad or Fire by FOX Business.