Washington State Budget Deal Advances

Washington state lawmakers released the details of their last-minute $43.7 billion budget deal Friday.

The two-year operating budget is expected to be passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, by the end of the day to avoid a partial government shutdown.

The agreement came after a prolonged fight between Republicans who control the state Senate and Democrats who control the House.

The sides have been at odds over how to meet state education funding levels mandated by the state Supreme Court.

The budget would increase state spending on kindergarten to 12th grade education by about $1.8 billion over the next two years.

About $1.6 billion in new funding would come by boosting property taxes.

Another $456 million would come from ending tax exemptions, including collecting more taxes on online sales.

"This is a historic budget that I believe fully funds our schools for the first time in decades and will meet our constitutional obligations," said Gov. Inslee. "As I have said, a split Legislature means compromises are necessary and neither side will get everything it wants."

The showdown in Washington state, home to more than seven million people, came as legislatures in Illinois and Maine are also fighting over their budgets.

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June 30, 2017 14:25 ET (18:25 GMT)