Want Your Brand on Amazon? Apply for Its New Accelerator Program

Amazon has a new "accelerator" program that's intended to add more exclusive brands to the site.

As CNBC reports, the shopping giant is inviting outside companies to "join the Amazon family of brands." Amazon is also on the lookout for people to work on this effort as a senior product manager or program leader for Private Brands.

For consumers, this means more options when searching on Amazon, and more money for Amazon. Quartz identified 19 brands owned by Amazon that "do not make it clear that they are Amazon-made products," including Denali, NuPro, Pinzon, Lawk & Ro, Arabella, and Small Parts.

CNBC states that Amazon's own brands are ranked higher, and denoted under the subheading "Top Rated from Our Brands." Amazon has also been prototyping a new feature whereby its own private brands will be promoted at the bottom of its competitors' product listings.

Over 120 brands owned by Amazon sell exclusively on its storefront according to TJI Research, CNBC says, and are set to generate $25 billion by 2022.

Brands that sign on, meanwhile, will get "guided support and a free toolset of products to tell your brand story and track performance," according to Amazon. "Products with high ratings and reviews can receive additional placements across Amazon.com."

This article originally appeared on PCMag.com.