Walmart employees think they can dethrone Amazon

While Amazon recently made history becoming the second U.S. company to reach a valuation of $1 trillion behind Apple, a new poll shows some employees of Walmart — Amazon’s biggest competitor — are unfazed by the accomplishment.

In fact, 64.7 percent of them say they have no doubt their company will eventually dethrone Amazon as the largest e-commerce company in the U.S., according to a study by Blind, an anonymous social network platform.

Curie Kim, marketing specialist for Blind, who conducted the study of more than 5,600 users, said while the company’s self-assurance did surprise her, a majority of workers (at around 73 percent) across all companies were not so hopeful a company could overtake Amazon. and its unit did however receive the most of votes for being the best contender at 13 percent, while Target received the least votes with just over 1 percent. Costco came in second with 3.2 percent, eBay can in third with 2.4 percent and Wayfair came in second to last with 1.2 percent.

“We are seeing Walmart focusing on rapidly becoming a player in the e-commerce industry and we have seen a flood of and Walmart Labs employees sign up on our app in the past two month,” Kim tells FOX Business.

Blind, which launched in 2014, as an app that lets verified workers talk about their companies anonymously through message boards has been popular among tech workers in recent years.

The network includes more than 44,000 Microsoft employees, 29,000 Amazon employees, 11,300 from Google, 8,000 from Facebook and 6,500 from Apple, just to name a few., Walmart Labs and employees, however, still only make up a small percent at around 750 employees.

Employees who took part in the poll did not specify any reasons for their decision.