Vicente Fox: Donald Trump is a Racist

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized to Donald Trump for his comments earlier this year, where he adamantly stated Mexico would not pay for a wall on its border with the United States.

Fox, who served as Mexico’s 55th president, explained the motivation for his apology comes from his belief that quality leaders know how to admit when they've been wrong or wronged someone.

“We’ve been working peacefully in very strong partnership with the United States, with United States citizens, with the United States’ corporate world,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton. “Fortunately, we’ve been creating the jobs in Mexico and fortunately now the trend of migration has reversed.”

The former president of Mexico said he still thinks Trump is a racist, and that the world doesn’t need leaders with that type of belief.

“The United States and the whole world needs compassionate leaders,” Fox said. “Leaders that really worry about your neighbor; leaders that really work for improving the situation.”

Fox also shared a warning about what could happen if the U.S. cedes its leadership role in the world.

“Very bad things are going to happen. We need that leadership not only in security; we need it in the economy. But, also U.S. citizens are going to be paying for the mistakes and the errors that he’s [Trump] proposing.”