Vice President Biden Not Running for President

Vice President Biden announced today, with President Obama in attendance, that he will not seek the presidency during the 2016 election. His wife Jill Biden was by his side during the press conference.

In a press conference in the White House Rose Garden, Biden said that his family has gone through the grieving process after the death of his son Beau Biden, but that his window has closed for running for president.

While Biden did say that he will not be a candidate, he said he will "not be silent." Furthermore, he noted that attempting to ruin President Obama's legacy will hurt the country and said that Democratic presidential candidates should run on Obama's legacy.

After declaring that he will not run for president, Biden shifted the conversation to supporting the middle class and that children and childcare are the biggest challenges for middle class families.

The Vice President also touched on his and President Obama's commitment to cancer research after his son passed away from brain cancer earlier this year.

Biden said that he is more optimistic about the U.S. and its future to lead the world.

At the conclusion of his press conference, Vice President Biden said that "we [the U.S.] can do so much more," and said he looks forward to continuing working with President Obama.