Vets Take the Driver's Seat in New Uber Partnership

The military is teaming up with Uber to give jobs to veterans and soldiers on active duty.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told the FOX Business Network during an interview on Mornings with Maria that a military advisory board of retired senior officers got together to advise the company on how to reach the veteran and active duty community.

“We are trying to help not only veterans, but people who are on active duty who may need a second income and are stationed in the U.S.; or especially military spouses who move from place to place. And it’s a perfect kind of position for them because they can pick up where they left off when they were re-assigned from New York to California. They can pick up and start driving again,” he said.

After working with Secretary Gates during a fellowship at the White House and spending time with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Uber SVP of Business Emil Michael realized all they wanted was an opportunity.

“When we got back we realized that Uber could be a part of the solution whether you’re coming back or you’re transitioning into school via the G.I. Bill or you’re transitioning into a job. Uber was a perfect solution for that in the near term and it was flexible and they can make money and they’re rated the same or better than other drivers,” said Michael.

With Uber currently valued at more than $60 billion, Secretary Gates says the program has already put over $125 million in the hands of vets since the initiative started 18 months ago.

Michael also expects that number to increase to over $500 million in the next few years.