Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

A Spending Breakdown for Valentine's Day

1. Happy Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air and retailers are seeing dollar signs. Here’s a breakdown on how Americans will be spending an estimated $18.6 billion this year on chocolates, pets and of course, on Facebook.

2. $1.6B on Candy, $1.9B on Flowers

More than half of consumers (51 %) will buy candy for their significant other this year, spending $1.6 billion in total, according to the National Retail Federation. In addition, one-third (36.6%) will give flowers to a loved one, with spending topping $1.9 billion.  The average consumer will spend $130.97 this year, the NRF reports.

3. $4.4B on Jewelry

Nearly one-fifth of consumers will be giving jewelry to a significant other, with more than $4.4 billion expected to be spend on diamonds, gold and silver, according to the NRF.

4. $1.5B on Gift Cards

Less-traditional gifts are in style this year with 15.6% of consumers a total of $1.6 billion on clothing for their loved one, says the NRF. The organization also reports 15% will be buying gift cards, spending a total of $1.5 billion.

5. $175.61 will Leave Men’s Wallets

Men will be spending significantly more than women this holiday, according to the NRF, spending an average of $175.61 on jewelry, flowers and a romantic night out.

6. $88.78 Will Leave Women’s Wallets

Women will be spending far less than men on their partner, the NRF reports, with the average bill coming it at $88.78.

7. 40% of Shoppers Will Support Small Businesses

More than 40% of consumers plan to dine at their local restaurants this year. According to American Express OPEN’s Shop Small Valentine’s Day Monitor, 91% of consumers believe it’s important to support local businesses, and on average they plan to spend around $151 on the holiday this year.

8. 20% of People Will Show Pets Some Love

Twenty percent of Americans plan to buy gifts for their pets this year, spending an estimated $815 million on pets, up from $630 million in 2012. The National Retail Federation said on average, pet owners will spend $28.55 this years on their pets. However, men plan to spend more than double on pets, at $72.88, compared to women spending $33.46, the NRF says.

9. 200% Facebook Relationship Surge

Facebook gets hit with the highest number of added relationships on V-Day with an increase of 200%. The survey also said Valentine’s Day is the third most popular day to share engagement news on the site, after Christmas, and Christmas Eve.

10. No.1 ‘Sexiest’ Language: French

An international survey of more than 5,000 men and women found that if you speak a different language, 79% find you more attractive and 77% rate you as more intelligent. Rocket Languages found French is the No.1 sexiest language (41%), followed by Italian (16%) and Spanish (15%).