US finally breaking out of the all-government-all-the-time stalemate: Varney

This morning, president trump tweeted this:

"Consumer confidence is at a 16 year high...and for good reason. Much more regulation "busting" to come. Working hard for tax cuts and reform!"

He's preaching the message of economic optimism. He has to because the media will not.

Across the financial world, the evidence is clear: things are looking up, and the media is ignoring it.

We’ve seen umpteen stock market records. The Dow is up 4,000 points since the election. And that has added well over $4 trillion to the nation's wealth. Have you seen that widely reported?  No you have not.

Economic growth is really picking up with a 2.6% annual rate between April and June, nearly double the rate from January to March.

Let’s not forget Foxconn’s $10 billion investment in Wisconsin, which is set to create13,000 jobs. Amazon hires 20,000 in a day.  There's a line around the block to sign up. Today, Toyota announces a $1.6 billion car plant - to be built in America. And the jobs report shows 209,000 new jobs last month. That’s a solid performance!

Plus, America becomes the dominant energy power in the world.

What is astonishing is that most people don't know this. They have not been told. The media is obsessing over things that have little to do with everyday lives.  In fact, the establishment media has become the "resistance party," they are the "not-so-loyal opposition". Can you believe the Washington post publishes the president's phone calls with foreign leaders!

On Varney & Co., we concentrate on what matters to you, not the disgraceful antics of a hateful media, which still hasn't recovered from Hillary’s loss.

So let’s say it again: Our politics has been corrupted by hate. And the hate is coming from the left.

But our money is doing well, and things are looking up because we are finally, breaking out of the all-government, all-the-time stalemate of the last 8 years.