People have a hard time unplugging from work during vacation, survey shows

Vacations are meant for spending time with family and friends, but the majority of professionals have a hard time unplugging from their jobs, a recent survey shows.

Nearly half of working people checked in with the office several times a day while on vacation, a Korn Ferry survey conducted on more than 1,000 people found. None of the people surveyed said they didn’t unplug from their job while they traveled.

About 26 percent of people checked in with their job once a day while 45 percent said they did it multiple times within 24 hours.

Most of those who did work during vacation said they were "putting out fires,” as in resolving issues. Others said they had too much work to do or worried about the workload when they returned from their rest and relaxation, while 19 percent of professionals said they enjoyed logging in to work.

“Vacation time is not just a nice to have, it’s a must to sustain workers’ health and well-being,” said Mark Royal, Korn Ferry’s senior partner and engagement specialist. “Our research finds that the majority of professionals are more stressed at work than they were five years ago, and they say that stress is having a negative impact on their personal relationships."

Checking in on work doesn’t seem to go well either for professionals in a relationship. More than 50 percent of people said they would get into an argument with their spouse about working during vacation. Two out of three people surveyed said they cut their vacation short or canceled one due to work.


Although the majority of people said they planned to use all their vacation time this year, most people would rather have a raise than get more time off.