U2's Bono Better at Singing Than ISIS Expert

U2 frontman Bono suggested poverty was the reason for the creation of ISIS during a discussion on the Middle East and refugee crisis on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland provided insight into his dialogue.

“I think musicians should not be giving me national security advice, they should stick to singing,” said said.

She added, “The president of Iraq, who’s a Kurd, he told me that ISIS was born in the prisons of Bagdad. When it was the religious fanatics that were in jail coupled with and they hooked up with the generals of the Iraqis, Saddam’s [Hussein] Iraqi army.”

She then explained that a key point most people fail to realize is many terrorists come from wealthy families.

“It’s the wealthy Islamic extremists who get the guys to strap on the suicide vest. They are the ringleaders – al Qaeda was wealthy families as well as a lot of the masterminds from ISIS are from upper-class backgrounds,” she said.

McFarland also commented on the Grammy winner’s suggestion of using comedy to defeat ISIS.

“That may sound crazy but I think it gets to a bigger point which is information warfare. We have tried to deal with radical Islam militarily for way too long and militarily alone. I think we need a different policy that includes military but has an information warfare, it has ideological warfare, religious warfare and takes advantage of all the elements of national power the same way we defeated the Communists in the Cold War and the Nazis in World War II.”