U.S. Household Net Worth Climbs to Record $94.8 Trillion

The total net worth of U.S. households climbed by $2.3 trillion in the first quarter of 2017, reaching a record $94.8 trillion as the stock market soared and home prices climbed in many parts of the country.

Household wealth in the stock market climbed by $1.3 trillion in the quarter, showing just how much the market's climb to Dow 20000 and beyond has created a swell of wealth on American's investment statements that is helping underpin consumer confidence.

The figures are from a quarterly Federal Reserve report, known as the Flow of Funds, that tracks the aggregate wealth of all U.S. households and nonprofit organizations.

The report showed that the value of household real estate rose by about $500 billion in the quarter, reflecting a continuing increase in national home prices. The sum Americans held in savings accounts rose by about $100 billion in the quarter.

Household debts increased by about $46 billion in the quarter.

The $2.3 trillion increase, though large, isn't without precedent. Such large increases were seen in the late 1990s when the stock market was also climbing rapidly, and in 2004 when both markets and home prices were climbing. The last time wealth increased so rapidly was late 2013.

During the 2007-09 recession, when the housing market and stock market both fell, households lost nearly $12 trillion in wealth. But in recent years, households in aggregate have regained that wealth and more as first the stock market, and then the housing market, began to rebound.

The U.S. has about 126 million households, meaning the average net worth of U.S. households is about $750,000. The report provides no details of how that wealth is distributed between households. The figures aren't adjusted for inflation.

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June 08, 2017 12:18 ET (16:18 GMT)