U.S. Hispanic Chamber CEO: Trump Will Be Catastrophic to America

Mike Pence may have made a “hats off” attempt to dial back Donald Trump’s provocative comments on immigration, but the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Javier Palomarez isn’t sold on Trump. 

“Tim Kaine did a good job of illustrating why America is comfortable being with him being a heartbeat away from the American presidency. And my hats off to Governor Pence, but frankly, I wouldn’t be comfortable with anybody being a heartbeat away from a Donald Trump presidency. It could be Superman himself,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. 

Palomarez expanded by saying “Donald Trump will be catastrophic to the American economy” and small businesses.

“I agree that with some that say when he claims to have been brilliant in claiming and taking a bankruptcy -- I take great offense to that because to say that you are brilliant when you took a bankruptcy is to forget to tell people that thousands of American small businesses were not paid, they were left holding the bag. That thousands of American workers were let go, they were fired, they were laid off and at the same time Donald Trump continued to live in an ivory tower,” he said.

He also discussed Trump’s immigration plan. 

“The immigration system in this country is broken. But you don’t fix it by demonizing an entire race. You don’t fix it by taking archetypes and creating stereotypes. You don’t fix it by fear mongering… Donald Trump built his campaign around the issue of immigration. It’s time he starts talking about it in a much more strategic fashion,” he said.