Twinkies are Back and Better Than Ever

Hostess, maker of iconic Twinkies and Ding Dongs, is back. The company started trading on the Nasdaq, on Monday, after being brought out of bankruptcy.

“Just about four years ago, Hostess went away. Chapter 7, off the shelf, closed the plants, no employees and less than four years later we are back now as a very strong brand in a category, growing, doing great and people love their Twinkies,” said Hostess Brands CEO Bill Toler to the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

The company took a non-traditional route to bringing back the iconic brand.

“We brought it back with this idea that we could take the product through the warehouse and not go in the direct store delivery trucks,” he said. “Our model with some product technology and a different distribution system actually takes it through the retailer’s warehouse.”

In Tolers opinion, the key to success is innovation.

“The lifeblood of most business is innovation. You see some of our fun holiday products here. We are going in new areas. We are going into peanut butter. We’ve gone into brownies. We are going into white chocolate. We are going into the freezer—you can now get deep fried Twinkies,” he said.