Tweet Advice on Upping Google Rankings, and I’m a Small Business, Man!

GDP took a tumble, the Fed keeps pumping and will Beyonce lip sync again? These are a few of the things that caught this small business owner’s attention on Twitter last week.

@smoothsale  Review UR website, printed collateral and verbal messaging for consistency - customer service & future biz depend upon it!

@ToSellTraining#trainers recent research shows having video on your home page of your blog/website increases exponentially chance of great google rankings

@cllord55% of firms surveyed in 2012 use #socbiz to improve learning effectiveness; will reach 73% within 2 years IBM IBV@ebertchicago This damned internet. I've become a fan of cat films.

@RaccoonPun Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? Because he was outstanding in his field.

@GordonRussell1OK, I feel a little dirty after going to that redonkulous #superbowl media party. It was like a money bonfire.

@rcyr19Today I woke up and realized I have as many Tour de France wins as Lance Armstrong.

@SirBelvedereBest joke ever: "Apparently there is some football game at the #Beyonce concert next week"


I'm not a small businessman, I'm a small business, man!


Nothing makes me happier than giving people chocolate. I think I've chosen the wrong career.


Who knew. Today is the 5th annual Data Privacy Day. (Maybe it was a secret.)


I was stressing about putting my 3 kids through college but then I watched them attempt the word scramble on a kids menu.


time to 'fess up: i’ve been lip syncing in the shower


Forever rushed, always on time but often stressed. Yep. This sums me up quite well.


Poll: 72% of small business owners say they're suffering under govt regs. Other 28% too busy filling out govt paperwork to respond.


Leveraging Social Media Marketing is simply plain shrewd if you're a small business on a limited budget


If you don't know why you're doing it, the how is kind of silly.‏@jowyangOutstanding. #CMAD is now trending topic in United States, Finland, France. Community Managers are the most powerful group online.@justinwolfers: Underneath the bad GDP report, we see solid growth in consumption and investment. Actually, it looks like private spending was humming along


Only a matter of time before print editions lose prestige. Everyone has their noses buried in mobile or tablets. Mobile is the new print.@edbottFirst they insult you, then they whine about you, then they block you, then you win. (Apologies to Gandhi.)@charlesarthurThese rumours about a 128GB iPad aren’t dispelled in the least by this Apple PR announcement saying it’s offering precisely that.‏@colliganThe computer does the work for you and not vice versa. The second option is the stuff of bad distopian sci-fi.‏@jasonkeathFacebook is down. I wonder if anyone is tweeting about it.@colliganTwo kinds of people, those who want to pay you money and those who don't. Focus on those who do.@edbottAcer bought Gateway, Packard-Bell, and eMachines. Just think about that for a minute or two.

@cGeorgeandCoHaving the ability to change with the times will help your #business be much more successful.

@ValaAfsharSocial business transformation success factors (order matters) is: culture, people, process and lastly tech. @joebrusuelasMost Americans appear to have been surprised by reduced after tax income due to resetting of payroll tax. Will impact spending and growth.$$‏@Leadershipfreak“Just please yourself,” may be an excuse for lazy, self-indulgence. But, unchecked people-pleasing destroys people.‏@smoothsaleStagnation puts you out of business; subscribe to a program at least once per year to advance quickly@EdThe Fed says the "unexpected" negative Q4 is an anomaly and we're on track - SO therefore they're pushing stimulus. Hello?@dmscottTo succeed, modern PR Agencies must advise on content creation, not just act as media pimps.‏@joshuatopolskyWho here thinks the BlackBerry Q10 (with the real keyboard) should have been the first new phone?@BrianReganComicMaybe I'm not like other humans, but in no way do I feel honored to watch Superbowl commercials ahead of time.@donniIn response to Blackberry's rebranding, Microsoft plans to rename itself Zune.@FactIn 1939, The New York Times predicted that TV would fail because people wouldn't have time to stare at a screen.@TedStrykerMy prediction for the Super Bowl? Lip Syncing.