Turkey has become a shady authoritarian hellhole: Kennedy

Every president in the modern era has promised to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and no one said it was going to be easy,

But 60 Palestinian deaths has complicated the celebration as chin scratchers condemn Israel’s actions.

No one was more bold in their smiting than Turkey, who called the deadly protest a "massacre" and a "genocide".

Which is rich given that *last century* the Ottomans killed 1.5 million Armenians in the *Armenian* genocide, that actually reached the threshold and definition of that despicable act.

Turkey has been trying to rally the organization of Islamic cooperation, which is the R.E.I. of Islamic countries to formally condemn Israel’s role in the protest and rally the troops because they all know, Sharia is caring.

Turkey has become a shady, authoritarian, rights stomping, ISIS appeasing hellhole that has no business moralizing to any of their neighbors, least of all Israel. Can you imagine if every western state hated Utah, and not just some petty Pac-12 rivalry because everyone knows the Utes suck, but a full fledged, violent hatred where Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada actively called for the obliteration of mormons? And this isn't Iran or Syria we're talking about, Turkey is supposed to be our *moderate* ally with whom it's essential to keep up this phony baloney charade, yet we don't have the decency to recognize the Armenian genocide.

Go ahead and recall your ambassadors from the U.S. & Israel! Erdogan is an oppressive jerk who wishes to do far worse to Israel than the turks ever did to the Armenians, i just hope the world has the nards to stand up to Turkey and Iran and Hamas before it comes close to that ever again.